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Daily Archives: February 22, 2012

Do you really need to pay for each click?

Well that is the question all businesses should be asking themselves when considering any kind of online marketing campaign.  But what if they haven’t had time to think about it?  What if someone rings them up out of the blue and offers to get them to the top of page 1 for a local keyword that pertains to their services (for a few hundred pounds a month)?  If they are a small business who relies heavily on customers in their local area this may sound like a great idea until anyone with any SEO knowledge steps in to reassure them that it is a pay per click campaign and that they will only be at this number 1 paid spot for this one local keyword for as long as they continue to pay for it.

Paid search can work extremely well for those businesses that are targeting specific areas or who have the large budgets needed to scope out a wide range of relevant keywords, however paying over the hilt for something that does not guarantee traffic is not going to be ideal for a small business.

Just in the last week we have spoken to several small businesses who have been approached via sales calls to commit themselves to paying up to £500 per month to get their website on the paid search listings for one local keyword.  When working what traffic these keywords deliver and the cost per click as set out in Google Adwords to our calculations this should amount to £36 per month – so quite what the other £464 was for is anyone’s guess!

So our advice for anyone who gets one of these phone calls?  Tread cautiously.  Whilst it may sound like a good idea at the time consider that here at SEO it Right we don’t even charge £500 per month for our top organic package and can start to improve your rankings for up to 6 keywords at a time for that kind of price.  It is important not to get ripped off so do some research into paid search, find out the cost per click of any keyword and the traffic it delivers using the Google Search tool and if all else fails ring around other UK SEO companies for some comparison prices before you commit to something that will cost a lot and deliver little.

Take care out there in the big wide world of SEO!

Best wishes

Frances Berry