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Daily Archives: August 21, 2012

Why local SEO will benefit your business

Building up awareness about your business and brand within your local area should be paramount to any organisation and perhaps it does go without saying but it seems not everybody gets the right end of the stick.

I will cite an example of a phone call one of my colleagues took some months ago from a double glazing company based in Birmingham. They wanted to know how long it would take to get on page one of Google for the generic keyword ‘Double Glazing‘. After pointing out that the competition was fierce for such a keyword and that it had probably taken a considerable amount of time and SEO effort to get the companies ranking on page one for this keyword my colleague asked the pertinent question ‘So you want to attract business from across the UK then?‘ to which he was given the answer ‘No, of course not we are based in Birmingham and only want to do business in our local area‘.

Why then do businesses shun local SEO and immediately plump for high competition keywords that are so vague and will probably never deliver any targeted traffic? I am guessing they either see the search volumes these keywords pull in and think that they would like a slice of this pie or they believe that if they rank for a generic term they will somehow filter through to their target market.

Either way those of us in the know will see things differently and in this case what my colleague suggested is that they look to optimize their site to begin with for the local keywords that will deliver targeted traffic from people searching for their products and services within their own geographical area, thus maximising their presence within their locality first before expanding further afield – after all it is always more cost effective to businesses to have local customers as it costs less on travel, delivery and so forth.

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Posted by Frances Berry.