April 2014
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Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO

It makes sense that in a world where we are all on the go, more and more people are using their mobile devices to access the internet.  After all who has the luxury of being sat at their PC all day?  With a smartphone you can access the internet wherever you are – in the car (though not when driving), on the train, at the office, on the beach or at home in bed.

In fact the mobile phone is the first thing many of us look at in the morning and the last thing we look at before going to sleep so ensuring your website can be found in Google mobile search is now more important than ever.  Mobile usage now accounts for around 10% of worldwide internet usage – this is a figure that is constantly growing and in some countries is as high as 50%, which explains why mobile SEO is now so important.

Google has officially released a set of recommendations for how to build mobile websites that work well for the user and comply with what Google is looking for.  These include:

  • Configuring sites so that they serve all devices on the same set of URLs – i.e. so each URL serves the same HTML to all devices and just uses CSS3 media queries to alter the way the page renders on mobile devices – this makes it easier for users to interact with the page and also makes it easier for Google to crawl the content.

Since this information now exists it stands to reason that Google will be looking more favorably on those sites that render correctly on mobile devices.  Now you may think that your rankings on Google mobile are irrelevant but when you stop to consider the number of people that access the internet in this way then really you should be looking to maximise your rankings on mobile search more than anything else!

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Posted by Frances Berry