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SEO For Startups

Very Useful video produced by Google for new start-up companies venturing into the world of on-line marketing. Maile Joined Google in 2005, Maile works closely with Google’s Search and Webmaster Tools teams as a Developer Programs Tech Lead. Her goal is to support and advocate on behalf of all site owners.

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Maintaining The Client Relationship

SEO helps because

•• More Reach means more visitors.
•• More visitors take more Actions.
•• More Actions lead to more Results.

And then…
•• Results can be improved with more targeted Reach.
•• More targeted Reach leads to more qualified visitors.
•• More qualified visitors take more desirable Actions.
•• More desirable Actions lead to better Results.

And so on.

While the client might value Result metrics the most in a
routine report — and you might front-load a report with them —
you may still want to show Reach and Action metrics as backup for
your current strategies and suggestions for future improvements.

For example, are you successfully increasing Reach metrics, but
there’s not a parallel increase in Actions over time? Perhaps the
website’s visitors aren’t the business’s target audience, and for SEO
reasons you need different or better content to reach the target audience.

Or let’s say that both Reach and Action metrics are improving, but
Results aren’t. Perhaps your client’s website needs improvements to
its navigation, content, forms, shopping cart and so on — all things
that your online marketing agency can test and optimize.

The bottom line: measure and report metrics that you can sell and
a client will buy because the need for your SEO services is obvious.
Once the initial need is filled, your reports will indicate the next obvious
need in the cycle of online marketing.

Chances are, your client will hire you again.

Article excerpt from Raven Tools

What is the difference between white hat and black hat SEO?

Black hat SEO is essentially a sneaky way of tricking Google into ranking certain websites favourably.  However, these methods are often unethical and are not to be recommended!  The strategies may include cloaking, keyword stuffing, hidden text and also spamming other sites.  Black hat SEO is basically a short term solution to a long term problem, as search engines will eventually penalise those sites which have been subjected to black hat techniques.

White hat SEO is the correct way of carrying out SEO.  The techniques are organic and are fair to all internet users.  White hat SEO will include producing brand new and original content for websites and blog posts and creating natural links between different sites.

As the internet is not currently regulated, it is very difficult to prevent some users from carrying out unethical and sneaky methods of pushing their sites onto page 1.  Google carry out regular updates to their algorithms, partly as a way to banish black hat SEO and unfavourable techniques.   It is also a way of keeping white hat SEO specialists on their toes; you can never take it for granted that a popular website will stay at page 1 forever!

Although some black hat techniques may produce much quicker results than white hat, Google will undoubtedly at some point pick up on these methods and will penalise those sites which have been optimised using black hat strategies.  The rankings can completely disappear off the major search engines and it can take months to correct the faults. 

It is therefore worth sticking with the ethical option to ensure that Google will reward the genuine hard work and effort put into a website and hopefully keep it at the top of the listings for as long as possible.

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