SEO Link Building

At SEO it Right we understand the importance of getting the right balance in our online marketing campaigns which is why we still place a lot of emphasis on the SEO link building process. Each month, as part of your monthly SEO service we create high quality one-way links to your website from a variety of domains.

It is these backlinks that will increase the visibility, page rank and authority of your website and thus enable it to rise in the search engine rankings.

How does link building work?

Backlinks are an important factor for increasing authority of your website but they are by no means the only factor to successful optimisation, which is why we integrate social signals, SEO PR and content marketing into our online marketing packages.  All of the links we create are one-way links, which are built organically.

Why are referring domains important?

The search engines like to see great variety in your SEO link building which means that in order to improve your visibility you don't only need to build high quality backlinks to your site using a diverse anchor text portfolio but you also need to ensure that these links come from a good variety of domains. At SEO it Right we focus a lot of our attention on providing this variety and can demonstrate to you a healthy ratio of referring domains to backlinks within our link building services.

Social Bookmarking Linking

Social Bookmark Linking is very powerful. For each keyword a bookmark link network is created, it begins with a tier one which are all pinged and RSS fed, then tier two links are created these are also pinged and RSS fed. Social bookmarking is another important element in creating a diverse source of links which is required to help improve rankings.

To find out more about the backlink building process please contact us today on 0121 308 0219.

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