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The Changing Face of Social Media

Whilst social media continues to be an important vehicle for improving brand awareness and increasing the online presence of the businesses who embrace it, it has to be noted that the face of social media may be changing somewhat.

Google+, once heralded by many a UK SEO company as the alternative to Facebook, appears to be losing ground with users spending just 3.3 minutes on there in January this year compared with a whopping 7.5 hours on Facebook!  Whilst Google+ offers some interesting features including video conferencing and the expected ability to share comments, articles and photos it seems it isn’t enough to persuade the Facebook faithful to and start again from scratch and build up a new network of contacts on Google+.

Now there’s a new kid in town and even the mighty Facebook and Twitter may have to watch their backs.  Pinterest, which was launched in 2010 and which only had 1.6 million visitors last September has enjoyed a recent surge in popularity with user numbers soaring to 11.1 million visitors this February.  Moreover it seems that women hold the key to this social surge as they make up around 82% of Pinterest’s active users.  Ok, it may be that women are more socially inclined than men but what does this mean to business users?

Well, as women account for 85% of purchasers it cannot be a bad thing for any consumer product business to use Pinterest as a marketing tool as this will enable them to reach out to this target market.  The pinboard style social photo sharing site aims to connect people by bringing them together over the things they like.  It lets users organise and share the things they find on the internet and browse the pinboards created by other people.  Although shameless self promotion is frowned upon, businesses can market themselves effectively by creative positive associations with their brand – thus building up a community and creating and experience rather than blatantly selling and as the majority of users are women, the sex that is apparently faster to catch on to new social media tools, it is with interest that we should all be watching Pinterest and how it develops over the coming months.

Whatever form it comes in, social media, as any SEO company will tell you, still has the power to attract new customers and create interest in your brand so whatever you do don’t dismiss it just because like everything else it is evolving.  Change is good after all.


Posted by Frances Berry

Do you really need to pay for each click?

Well that is the question all businesses should be asking themselves when considering any kind of online marketing campaign.  But what if they haven’t had time to think about it?  What if someone rings them up out of the blue and offers to get them to the top of page 1 for a local keyword that pertains to their services (for a few hundred pounds a month)?  If they are a small business who relies heavily on customers in their local area this may sound like a great idea until anyone with any SEO knowledge steps in to reassure them that it is a pay per click campaign and that they will only be at this number 1 paid spot for this one local keyword for as long as they continue to pay for it.

Paid search can work extremely well for those businesses that are targeting specific areas or who have the large budgets needed to scope out a wide range of relevant keywords, however paying over the hilt for something that does not guarantee traffic is not going to be ideal for a small business.

Just in the last week we have spoken to several small businesses who have been approached via sales calls to commit themselves to paying up to £500 per month to get their website on the paid search listings for one local keyword.  When working what traffic these keywords deliver and the cost per click as set out in Google Adwords to our calculations this should amount to £36 per month – so quite what the other £464 was for is anyone’s guess!

So our advice for anyone who gets one of these phone calls?  Tread cautiously.  Whilst it may sound like a good idea at the time consider that here at SEO it Right we don’t even charge £500 per month for our top organic package and can start to improve your rankings for up to 6 keywords at a time for that kind of price.  It is important not to get ripped off so do some research into paid search, find out the cost per click of any keyword and the traffic it delivers using the Google Search tool and if all else fails ring around other UK SEO companies for some comparison prices before you commit to something that will cost a lot and deliver little.

Take care out there in the big wide world of SEO!

Best wishes

Frances Berry

What’s new in SEO Birmingham?

So, we are well over a month into 2012 and already it promises to be a good year – there’s the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games to look forward to in the summer, there’s the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations (which also means we all get an extra bank holiday) and there’s a glimmer of hope that at some point we will turn the corner and start seeing some economic growth rather than the slow-downs and recession we have become used to.  So what can your business do in 2012 to make a real difference?

Well, if you don’t have a website then you may have to stop reading now because a) where have you been for the past 10 years? and b) what kind of industry doesn’t require a website these days?  Well it is pretty much every business and there’s so much competition online that you really need to be more proactive than your competitors if you want to get ahead. One of the ways to do this is by using the services of an SEO Birmingham company – we know how to get your business noticed online and can make sure that you rank for the keywords and keyphrases that are relevant to your business and your geographical target market.

SEO is so much more than just your position on the Google rankings it is and should be a part of every marketing strategy.  To ignore the importance of having an online presence is basically to give up on being a successful business because those companies that ignore the potential of the ever growing online marketplace will eventually lose out to their internet-savvy competitors.

New services and techniques are being introduced all the time by SEO Birmingham companies to keep up with the algorithm changes Google likes to implement as well as striving to always offer the best possible service to clients in what is becoming an ever more competitive marketplace.  For example interaction with social media is an increasingly important area that SEO companies need to address – if their customers are missing out on blogging, tweeting, having a Facebook page and they are not receiving social bookmarking services from their SEO company then they are losing out on an important portion of the online market.

There are so many reasons why you should not ignore SEO but rather than bore you to death here are our top 3 reasons why 2012 should be the year that you implement SEO:

1) if you don’t do it someone else will – any proactive competitors will be happy to take up their page 1 positions for the keywords relating to your business

2) it’s a tough world out there – the economy is not exactly booming,businesses are struggling and survival may be your main focus but online marketing provides a cost effective way not only to survive but to prosper!

3) 2012 is a great year to be British so let’s ensure UK businesses go for gold this year too!

If that hasn’t convinced you then let’s face it nothing will but there are plenty more people out there who will bite off the hand of the SEO consultant to get started on their rise to online glory.


Posted by Frances Berry