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The Importance of SEO Content

Content marketing has always been an important part of SEO, but in the recent past it seems good quality content was overlooked by those SEO companies who saw the pound signs in front of their eyes when considering the potential of cheap link building. It all sounded good – the SEO company buys links in bulk for their clients, in turn these increase the number of backlinks pointing at the client’s site and so the rankings improve – well it all sounded good until Panda and Penguin came along and completely obliterated the presence and power of spammy links and link building farms.

SEO content has resumed it’s position at the regal throne – that is to say that quality content is back (not that it was ever gone to those of us who have built our SEO strategies around the creation of quality copy) but why is it that this content is now so important?

  • It is easier to find out how many links a piece of content has generated for your site
  • Content is natural – if you write about something you know and you write it from scratch it should be unique and interesting and most importantly natural
  • Social media loves content and social media is the future (so they say) – look at Google+ authorship and rich snippets if you don’t believe me

Content is also important on site too – after all there is no point creating quality content to point back to a site that has been thrown together without any consideration at all.

Posted by Frances Berry

Spreading the word about SEO it Right

I am not one to brag but today I was given the chance to have my 15 seconds of fame as the film crew from Aston University returned to SEO it Right to complete filming for the Graduate Advantage project. I am quite pleased we wrapped it up in one take and we now have the employer perspective of taking on a graduate on record.

As far as I can see being involved in this film project has many benefits both for us as a company and also for the young people of today who are entering an unstable employment market: SEO it Right gains exposure for our brand, we get to reward our hard working staff, particularly Riz who was the star of the show and we get to encourage young people that there are plenty of exciting job opportunities out there within SMEs for graduates who can demonstrate not only industry-specific skills but also innovation and a willingness to learn.

This is the also the perfect opportunity to spread the word about SEO – search engine optimisation is a growing industry but it is also an area that is still unfamiliar to many people. The fact that we all search online for the products and services we need means that we are all affected by SEO but how it works and why it is so important to businesses is still a grey area to many.

So long as the internet is still around there will always be exciting opportunities for people to get involved in the SEO industry and the skill set of graduates who are keen to learn new things and want to demonstrate their technical as well as creative knowledge fits perfectly with what us SEO companies are looking for.

Watch this space for the completed video coming soon!

Posted by Frances Berry

Lights, Camera, Action at SEO it Right

We are very proud of our staff at SEO it Right, today more so than ever as budding developer and all round technical SEO guru Riz was filmed as part of a project to encourage more youngsters to go to university with a view to gaining employment at the end of their course.

Claire did a fantastic job working away at the end of the office and Riz was cool, calm and collected on film as he spoke about the exciting and interesting industry that is SEO and the opportunities that young people can find when working within an SME.

This is just a taste of what is to come so keep your eyes peeled as we hope to have the full video to show you in the next few weeks.

One of things that today has highlighted is the fast paced nature of SEO and how a smaller company can adapt their strategy to meet the needs of the customers and the demands of the search engines to offer a tailored SEO campaign to each and every client.

Well, that’s a wrap folks…but it is only the start of the SEO it Right story…

Posted by Frances Berry

Post Penguin Pointers

If your website has been affected by the recent Google algorithm updates Panda 3.5 or Penguin then here are a few pointers as to what Google is now looking for:

  • The more keywords the better – successful SEO is moving away from optimising static keywords to static pages to instead focus on lots of different keywords that are relevant to the product/service being promoted. Think of synonym keywords as a good starting point i.e. rather than just optimising plumbing birmingham to your plumbing services page also consider plumbers in birmingham, birmingham plumbing, birmingham plumbers, plumbing services birmingham, etc
  • Mix and match keywords and landers and make the most of all internal URLs – rather than pointing all keywords to your homepage or using the same keyword in the anchor text to the same page all the time, it is best to mix things up. Whilst it is ok to point some of your more generic keywords to the homepage these keywords should also be optimised for relevant internal pages. Also maximise use of all internal pages by optimising them for other keywords.
  • Use naked backlinks (and no, this isn’t anything rude) – it basically means creating backlinks to the website which do not have any anchor text but instead use the URL of the site.
  • It’s quality not quantity – it is no longer a case of how many backlinks you have but how high the quality of these links is. By linking from high authority domains you can increase the quality of your backlinks.
  • Contextual links are more important now than ever – it is really important that any keywords used on page are in context and if you are linking internally to another page that the links used are in context and don’t stand out like a sore thumb. The same goes for keywords in any SEO content – these must be used contextually and not just added in as an afterthought because Google is now placing the emphasis on natural backlinks and natural-looking SEO.
  • Social and SEO go together – it is really important that any backlinks created to your website are of a wide variety of types including social backlinks and social bookmarking links. Social integration is not an important part of SEO these days it is a vital part of SEO.
  • Open a Google + account – Google is the search engine with the power and if they look more kindly on those who utilise Google + then anyone who shuns it is a fool. It goes without saying that all social interaction is important but Google + is tipped to become the biggest and most widely used social tool. Having a Google Plus 1 button on your site is also a good idea – it allows people to publicly give your site their stamp of approval and share it with others.
  • It’s all about the visitor experience – including meta information such as titles and descriptions is something that needs to be done but even more so content needs to be written to encompass keywords and also more importantly the ideas around these keywords so that links can be contextual and relevant and so that the visitor can read interesting and unique information about the business and the products/services it provides.
  • No more spam – link farming, buy-in-bulk links, text links, forum links and blog comments are considered to be spammy links now and you ought to steer well clear of these if you want to make a good impression on Google!

At SEO it Right we are always striving to do our SEO in the most effective way and you can be sure that we are doing all of the above in our quest to get your website where it needs to be.  To find out more please visit or call us today on 0121 288 2787 for further information.

Posted by Frances Berry