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Team SEO it Right conquer Snowdon

I am pleased to report that Adam and Fran, Directors at SEO it Right have made it back unscathed from their trip to Snowdon. The might Welsh landmark was conquered in under 6 hours in the beautiful summer weather that has finally decided to grace us with its presence.

In completing the climb Adam and Fran have raised almost £1400 for Sophias Footsteps“>Sophia’s Footsteps to help send 7 year old Sophia to the US for a groundbreaking operation that will enable her to walk for the first time.

There are a selection of photos below which were taken on the day:

A huge thank you to everyone who sponsored us for this event.

It is not too late to make a donation so please do visit the Sophias Footsteps today to find out more about how you can make a difference to a young girl’s life 🙂

Posted by Frances Berry

SEO it Right Case Study goes live on Graduate Advantage site

There is no denying the fact that taking on board a graduate enabled our business to grow and gave us a good footing when it came to employing further staff.  Now the triumphs of the graduate internship process are live on the Graduate Advantage website for all to see.  They have kindly produced a case study about SEO it Right to demonstrate to other businesses how advantageous it can be to take on a graduate.


Our own experience of the Graduate Advantage programme was a very positive one and we were only too happy to help out when they suggested making a video about our graduate intern Ridwan.  Now happily (we hope!) employed with us on a permanent basis, Riz and the rest of the team are eagerly awaiting the final video to get their fifteen seconds of fame.

SEO is a fast paced, ever evolving industry and it takes a lot of thought and effort to make your mark and do a good job – which I am proud to say every member of the SEO it Right team does on a daily basis.

We can’t recommend the services of Graduate Advantage enough and we look forward to sharing the video with you as soon as it is finalised!

Posted by Frances Berry

What is a QR code?

If you have come across a square looking bar code – perhaps on the back of a business card or on a website – then even if you don’t realise it you have spotted a QR code.  Also known as Quick Response codes these nifty little codes work in a very similar way to a bar code in that when you scan them with your phone or mobile device they immediately return information such as the contact details of that person or company.  They are a great way to marry up offline and online marketing mediums as the same QR code can be used in print and digital media.

The great thing about QR codes is that you can download free apps for your smart phone that can scan the code in seconds and reveal the information to you.  It may be that you can scan the code and then be led directly to a website where you can find out more information – so basically these codes are a way of shortening information and saving time.

For a more technical definition of ‘What is a QR code?’ we can look at the Wikipedia definition that states it is a ‘trademark for a type of matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code)’.  These codes originated in the automotive industry as a way of keeping track of car parts but they have now grown in popularity to be used by businesses, individuals, shops and all kinds of organisations to store information about a product, service, person or business.

Potentially QR codes could have a massive impact on marketing and advertising and change the way we route important information so it is definitely worth looking into them.

There’s a great site that explains these codes in more detail so why not check out What is a QR Code for further help.
Posted by Frances Berry

Support us in our fundraising challenge

On 21st July 2012 SEO it Right Directors Adam and Fran Berry will be climbing Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales, in aid of a very special cause.

Adam and Fran will be raising money for Sophia’s Footsteps to help a young girl with Cerebral Palsy go to America to undergo a life changing operation.

Sophia is seven years old and  has recently been accepted to have SDR surgery which will enable her to walk for the first time with the aid of crutches.

We want to help Sophia’s parents to raise the £70,000 needed to enable her to undergo this operation and we hope you can support us in our challenge.

To find out more about our Snowdon Challenge you can visit the Snowdon it Right blog or to find out more about Sophia and her operation you can visit the Sophia’s Footsteps site – where you can also make a donation to this very worthy cause.

Thank you to everyone who has sponsored us or made a donation so far and we look forward to updating you soon.  To find out more about optimising your fundraising site or SEO for charities why not visit our website.

Posted by Frances Berry

Who owns your domain?

It may seem like a simple question but if you don’t know who owns your domain name or if you don’t have control of it you may come unstuck at some point in the future.  It is not uncommon for those who have control of your domain name to make it very difficult for you to transfer this if at some point in the future you decide to stop using their website maintenance or hosting services and move your website elsewhere.

Without wanting to name names, let’s just say that if you have bought a website from a company that have also offered to purchase that domain for you and host that site for you there may well be small print that gives them the right to hold onto this domain or charge you a small fortune should you ever want to transfer it into your ownership.

If you haven’t done so already make sure you purchase your domain name directly with the registrar – such as Monster or 123 Reg – this way you won’t pay any mark up on the cost of the domain name and it belongs to you! You can choose to host it where you want and you have control at the end of the day. You may think you own your website but if you don’t own your domain you are not wholly in control of that site.

Getting the right domain name is one of the primary factors in online marketing as many people will look to get a domain that is keyword rich or contains their brand name. It is best to avoid strange domain extensions and stick to the main ones such as .co.uk if your market is UK based, .com if your business operates internationally or any of the main country domains if you operate in these markets, etc. Many of the more bizarre domains are not so memorable. Also, .net domains have been bought over the years by those who want to spam the world so in purchasing such a domain you could be reducing your chances of getting that site ranked.

Posted by Frances Berry