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The Importance of Keyword Research

As we begin another New Year and think what we are trying to achieve for our business it is worth revisiting the basics of Search Engine Optimisation. Search Engine Optimisation (usually known as SEO) is now an essential part of marketing for any business. Making sure traffic is coming to your website is vital to driving your business forward, bringing in new customers and keeping your current customers on board.

One of the foundations of good SEO is keyword research
. Good keyword research will help you to establish the words and phrases that people are using to find goods and services and making sure that they are placed throughout your website. If keywords are placed properly within your website then search engines such as Google and Bing will rank you highly for those words and your website will be displayed more prominently. The best possible outcome is for you website to appear on page one of a search. This inevitably means your website is more likely to be selected by the person doing the searching. All you need to do is convert that click into an order!

As a guide, any number of keywords can be selected but the more generic they are, the more competitive they are and the longer it could take to rank for them. For this reason it is more useful to select more specific keywords, which are not quite so competitive. A useful hint is to also utilise your local area and use a location as part of the keyword such as “gas engineer Sutton Coldfield”.

A reputable SEO company will be able to show you how highly particular keywords are ranked and suggest keywords that would work well for you. They can then select which keywords you would like to maximise. At SEO It Right we do this by writing fresh and original articles each month, using the keywords we have agreed with you. How many we work on depends on the package you choose with us, and we are able to be flexible with this as your needs change. Once those articles are written they are submitted to Google to index. This increases the number of backlinks your website may have which will increase your ratings

Keyword research is a vital tool in establishing your internet presence and using a good SEO company can really help you maximise your potential.

Posted by Frances Berry

Tips For Increasing Your Website’s Traffic for 2013

It’s the same for everyone – new year, fresh start. If you have a website which you wish to drive traffic to, here are a few tips which you could follow in order to get your site seen and talked about for 2013:

• Set up social media accounts. 2012 saw social media becoming more and more intertwined with SEO, so it really is becoming a necessity to set up Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts in order to increase brand awareness and get people reading about your site. Positive social signals are great for determining brand domains, so keep your social accounts up to date with new and interesting snippets of information.

• Create a responsive site. Research shows that more and more people are accessing the internet from mobile devices as opposed to a PC, so when designing a site make sure it is responsive and can easily be used from mobile phones, tablets and iPads. If the site is not easy to use from a mobile device then your bounce rate may increase as people get fed up trying to find information which cannot easily be seen.

• Keep writing fresh and unique content! This rule has been around since the start of SEO, however it is still just as important to make sure you keep your website content interesting and engaging for your readers. Make sure it is aimed at your target audience and is relevant to your site.

• Use a Rel: Author tag. If you’ve written something, make sure everyone knows it’s your creation! Adding a rel: author tag makes search results seem less clinical and readers can build up an element of trust with authors. It also gives you a chance to link back to other articles or blog posts which you may have written in the past which readers may be interested in taking a look at.

These are just a few suggestions of things for you to think about for your website, but if you need any further information or just don’t have the time to create your own regular Tweets and Google+ posts, why not set up a Social Media campaign with us at SEO it Right and we can take care of everything for you?

Claire White