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Our Top Tips On Using Google Plus

Most of us are pretty au fait with how to use Facebook and Twitter and understand the importance of using them to build customer engagement for our business, but how many are using Google+? According to Wikipedia, there are 300 million monthly active users on Google+, which makes it the second largest social network site after Facebook. With this is mind, it’s really worth spending some time setting up a business page on Google+ and learning how to use it effectively in order to target this huge market.

First of all, a Google+ page needs to be set up. This is really straightforward, just go to plus.google.com and click on the option to ‘create an account’. Complete the necessary details and then add in a head and shoulders pictures of yourself. Google+ works in a similar way to Facebook in that you need to create a personal profile before then setting up a business page. Once the account has been set up, you can create your business page. Everything is laid out in a step by step guide – try not to miss any steps out as the more information you include the better.

Don’t forget to build up your circles, this is a key feature of Google+. This will allow you to sort out groups of followers, such as customers, fellow workers in your industry, colleagues and then friends and family. This way you will be able to target your posts to the most relevant circle of people. When posting information, just like other social media accounts, ensure that the post is relevant and interesting! For businesses, aim to have 80% of the posts related to lifestyle and just 20% as more of a sales pitch for your services or products, otherwise people will see your posts as potential spam.

Formatting wise, use an *asterix* either side of your text to put it in bold, use _this symbol_ to add text in italics and finally use a -dash- to strikethrough any text. Use relevant hashtags in your post as this will help Google+ to group your posts with other relevant information and use the + symbol if you want to aim your post at a specific person.

Always reply to any comments on your posts as positively as possible, even if someone comments something which is negative try to engage them in conversation and answer sensibly and honestly. This will show other users that you are taking your business seriously and it will help to reduce the risk of negativity towards your name.

Be sure to join communities within your business niche and beyond if you feel it is relevant, as communities are a great way of sharing information within an industry. Make sure your website has a G +1 button on any relevant pages in order to show readers that they can follow you on Google+.

Google+ is becoming more and more important within social media for businesses and hopefully this post has covered a few of the basic top tips on using Google Plus. If you would like to follow us on our Google+ account then feel free to click on this link to keep up with our latest news and information.

Claire White