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Interview With Technical Genius, Riz the Whizz!

We get to grips with the technical side of SEO by speaking to Riz, our very own technical whizz kid!

SEO Developer Riz Mulla

Riz, what is your role within SEO it Right and what does a typical day involve?

I am an SEO Developer at SEO it Right and the role is extremely varied! There’s not really such a thing as a typical day as the industry is constantly changing and there are always new questions and requests from clients. However, you can very often find me carrying out onsite analyses for new clients, providing technical support for existing clients, helping to maintain the server and developing responsive websites. I also work on ongoing projects when I can.

How has your role changed since you joined the company back in November 2011?

The role has expanded significantly – we now have to contend with different threats to the server, responding to requests for responsive websites as well as anticipating technical issues so that we can provide a pro-active service rather than a reactive response. The onsite checks are far more in-depth now too, as my level of knowledge has increased and I am able to try and test out new tools.

When looking at a website for a new or potential client, what are the initial areas you will check?

I would check if the website is canonical and if there was any duplicate content throughout the website. It’s also vital that Google Analytics has been set up and Google Webmaster Tools has been enabled. Google Analytics will help clients to see the traffic on their website and any messages and warnings from Google are also shown in Webmaster Tools. Amongst other things, I’d also look at tasks such as checking to see if there is any social integration on the website.

What do websites need in 2014 to be considered SEO friendly?

I believe that for a site to be SEO friendly, it needs to be user friendly. In the past, SEO was all about optimising sites for the search engines, but nowadays it definitely needs to focus on providing a good user experience for the visitor. Having sites which are responsive and can be easily viewed from a mobile device as well as building sites which are easy to navigate are vital, if people can’t see the site or can’t use the menu properly then they’re just going to bounce straight off. It’s also vital to have effective social integration on the website too, so perhaps adding social sharing plug-ins to allow visitors to share interesting content.

What area of your role would you like to develop and learn more about?

I’m currently studying to become a Google Adwords Certified Partner. Paid advertising is becoming more and more important for many customers so it will be good to have an in-depth understanding on how Adwords can help businesses to be found online. I am also looking at schema markup on websites, which will help structuring data which search engines can have direct access to. This will help improve the display of search results by providing the searcher with extra information from the webpage.

If you weren’t a Developer, what career path would you like to follow?

I guess I’d love to be a food critic, particularly as I have a sweet tooth!

Many thanks to Riz for taking the time to answer our questions, but if you still have some burning technical questions, feel free to contact the SEO it Right office on 0121 308 0219.

Claire White

Sporting Events and Social Media: The Perfect Match?

With the World Cup well underway in Brazil, the newspapers and sports news sites are filled with stories of triumph and defeat but could the real winners of this and future sporting events be social media sites?

Consider that when the world’s greatest teams, athletes and sports stars come together to compete on the world stage, there are a massive number of big names all under one relatively small roof.  Add to this the huge number of supporters worldwide who are all tuning in to see the same game, the same match, the same race and it is easy to see why sports events have a big influence on social media.

Sporting events and social media

Here are just a few of the statistics I’ve come across in researching this article:

  • When Usain Bolt won the 100 metres at the London 2012 Olympic Games, tweets-per-minute hit a record breaking high of 74,000
  • Manchester United have 46.3 Million likes on their Facebook page
  • In the run up to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, the term ‘World Cup’ was averaging 500,000 social mentions per day

In effect, social media creates a giant conversation about each sporting event and then shares it with the rest of the socially hooked up world.  During a major sporting event it is likely that the team pages and the personal profiles of sportsmen and women involved will see massively increased activity with more people liking, sharing and wishing their favourite sporting stars good luck. 

Social media sites also provide the fastest results and scores.  They surpass the news wires and major papers in broadcasting the latest news and results because they rely on the power of the people present and those watching on television to tweet, post and photograph their comments and images.  The true power of social media then comes into its own as these updates are shared and expanded on, to keep social users up to date and provide the next best thing to actually being there.

How can you get involved?

You can participate by using certain trending hashtags, but if you’re tweeting on behalf of a company remember to keep it relevant. Your business may want to wish the England team well or perhaps any other team the company has international links to – this is a great way to get involved in trending topics of conversation on social media sites and who knows your posts and comments may be liked, shared or even viewed by your sporting heroes!

It may not help England, or whatever team you support, to win the World Cup, but social media definitely provides a great platform for conversation and keeping up to date with the latest.  With a predicted global audience of 1 billion people for the World Cup 2014, there will certainly be a lot of people sharing their opinion on social media and whether you agree with them or not, every status is a little bit more promotion for this great sporting occasion.

There are a lot of lessons that can be learned from social activity around big events and whilst the average small business cannot replicate the size, scale and nature of a large sports event, they can learn tricks such as keeping up to date with the latest Twitter trends, following relevant organisations and joining in online conversations.  After all, promoting a sports team or personality is no different from promoting a company – it all comes down to brand awareness.

To find out more about supporting your business through social media please visit our website.

Posted by Frances Berry

Fun Run Fundraising Update

At SEO it Right we’ve been busy nursing our feet back to health after taking part in the Great Midlands Fun Run on 1st June.  It was a fantastic day and we all thoroughly enjoyed our walk/sprint around Sutton Park and the surrounding roads.

seo it right at the fun run

SEO it Right Directors Adam and Fran Berry with son Alex after completing the Great Midlands Fun Run

As you are probably aware we are raising money for the cancer ward at Birmingham Children’s Hospital – we wanted to support poorly kids in the area and this seemed like the ideal charity to support.

So far we have raised an impressive £580 (or £671 if you include gift aid) but we’d love to make this total even higher.

You can still donate to our Virgin Money Giving page until 1st July 2014 so if you want to support a great cause and say thanks to our feet please visit uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/SEOitRight

Thanks to everyone who has supported us so far – we really appreciate every penny 🙂