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What I learned from attending IRX 2015 – The Power of Personalisation

Last month, I attended day 1 of the Internet Retailing Expo at the NEC, a yearly event that offers retailers and marketers the opportunity to take part in a range of workshops, conferences and one on one clinic sessions with a number of industry experts. I took part in a workshop with Alex Henry, Director of Client Solutions at Monetate and Rebecca Smith, Head of eCommerce at Boohoo.com; this gave an inside view on the power of advanced personalisation and how it impacts the customer experience.

The power of personalisation

There are many great websites that get thousands of visitors each month. Each of these visitors are unique, they have their own background, interests, goals and dreams. But the problem we face is that we are delivering to them all the same website experience. We are displaying to them the same content, images, promotions and offers.

Every customer is unique

Personalisation allows us to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. Data is already there and available, and we can use this to create a tailored and unique experience for each visitor.

It is no longer enough to invest time and money into attracting visitors to your website. We need to look at what happens when these visitors land onto our website. With very little regard given to the unique nature of each visitor it’s no wonder that bounce rates and conversion rates are very minimal.

The impact of personalisation

Personalisation allows us to meet each visitors needs faster and more efficiently than ever before. This is achieved by offering the visitor the most relevant content at all points throughout their journey on your website.

Through personalisation we can build up the relationship with the visitor which will help to increase their loyally, satisfaction and increase conversion and sales.

How to get started with personalisation

Many webmasters have data readily available, whether it’s from your website analytics or your customer data. Here are a few ideas to get started:

The profile of the visitor, this looks at what devices they are using, are they using mobile or a tablet, what browser they are using and any demographic information.

Historical data, if they made a previous purchase, what categories they are interested, what pages have they visited, what is their average order value.

Contextual and situational data, we can look at the time of day, geographical location, and contextual information that can help us to decide what products to promote and what services to push.

Personalisation has now become an essential part for retailers, it is no longer optional. Customers now have their expectations, expectations across all different devices.

Personalisation will not only apply to retailers but soon all websites will have the need to personalise. Our competitors are a click away so it is now more important than ever to turn those visitors into loyal customers, personalisation is one of the ways to achieve this.

I thoroughly enjoyed my day at IRX 2015. It was great to see how other organisations have developed different solutions to help their business move forward online. I enjoyed talking to other like-minded people to see how their solutions will fit together or bolt on to their current online retail setup.

I also thought the hot chocolate at the event was very good!

Ridwan Mulla

IRX 2015: What message was given to marketers?

Attending the IRX event confirmed much of what I knew about the marketing world, but it helped to open my eyes into what others in the industry are doing. Listening to speakers who had an extensive amount of experience working in the marketing industry, only helped me develop a passion more for the job that I do.

I always say, “the best way to learn, is to listen to those who have learnt.” Taking the advice from industry professionals has helped me to look into the bigger picture of marketing, and I have learnt that it is all about establishing your message across different platforms. The idea of marketing is to understand your customer, and be able to meet their needs, by working on how they interact with your brand and your products. Gaining feedback, and reviews is a great way of being able to understand how people perceive your brand.

During the event, I began to understand that whilst the industry is indeed complex at times, and is always evolving and changing – many of those that are in it, all want to help each other make the most of those changes; and that’s a really reassuring thing to know. Whilst many may be competitors, there are far more who want to help and that’s what I feel sums up the IRX expo – it was there to help and inform marketers.

Those speakers who shared their business experiences have seen a lot of the digital age develop from the very early days of when PCs became the new craze – and their insight is a lot different to how I perceive digital technology, as I was a lot younger at this time.

Technology for me was part of growing up, but listening to those who did not necessarily grow up with it, has given a different – but a very valuable insight. I have learnt that although things are always changing, it’s how we make the best of those changes in our jobs, and marketing careers that will shape the future of how the companies we work for will grow.

Amanjeet Gill