January 2019
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This Year, Try Digital Marketing


If your company has been using only traditional marketing methods to generate new business, you need to read this!

2017 is the year of change and improvements. Marketing strategies have grown beyond word of mouth and Facebook posts. Let us show you how your business can reach new heights using digital marketing strategies.

Why Digital Marketing?




  • First and foremost, digital marketing is a tremendously cheaper marketing method than the traditional offline methods – just think about those print runs, radio campaigns and television ads that you couldn’t afford 15 years ago! Digital marketing is much more accessible, even for those with small marketing budgets.
  • It’s a great way to increase your online market share


  • **According to Hubspot By 2016, more than 50% of money spent in the US will be influenced by online marketing campaigns. ** How long before we can say the same thing here in the UK?



What is a digital strategy?

Having a digital strategy is, in essence, a plan. It allocates time and money to all the relevant platforms and helps you to gain insight into statistical data which will help you to reach your goals. Market your business using multiple platforms like Social media, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Email Marketing, SEO PR, and so much more.


  • How to begin building a digital strategy

    • The first thing you need to do is be clear on your aims and objectives.
    • Analyse how your company performed in the previous year.
    • Research your target audience and preferred digital media channels
    • Create your content
    • Allocate paid advertising budgets
    • Create a timeline
    • Evaluate and improve your strategy

    Why you NEED to set aside a budget for an SEO and digital marketing company to help you

    • By now, you must understand the importance of digital marketing. One thing that will help you reach that increased ROI is a thorough and well thought out digital marketing strategy.
    • It can be a daunting task to do yourself
    • You’ll save money in the long run
    • Work alongside a professional to gain a fresh perspective
    • Utilise their resources and evaluation techniques


SEO Birmingham company comes to the rescue of local marketing agencies

At SEO it Right we are proud to be helping out other local companies to provide a full online marketing service to their clients.  As an SEO Birmingham company we have always worked alongside other marketing and design agencies in the local area but now with the launch of the new SEO it Right website, we are actively promoting our white label SEO services to reassure local agencies that through collaboration we can achieve better overall results  for their clients.

In the current SEO climate with algorithm changes and ever increasing competition making it more difficult for many businesses, local agencies are crying out for the support of an innovative and forward thinking online marketing company.

Just last week we signed up another big design agency who will be benefiting from our online marketing services to promote their own organisation, and subsequently these services will then be sold on to their own customers as part of the overall marketing strategy they provide.  This is a smart move as marketing nowadays needs to align the offline with the online elements in order to be successful – after all there is nothing more damning to a campaign to be sending out a totally different marketing message to your online and offline audience – granted they differ in terms of the way they need to be targeted and the interaction you may subsequently have with them but keeping your overall message concise is vital to building your brand.

This continuity is also important when you offer marketing services to your clients – even if you outsource SEO or social media to an organisation such as SEO it Right – you need to ensure that everything is delivered with the same degree of knowledge and measurability.

One of the key things that we have found is being able to white label all of our reporting so that our agency clients can simply forward on our analysis to their clients with minimal input.  With support and guidance available from the SEO it Right team at all times, agency customers know that they can get the answers to their questions in order to pass details on to their own customers in an informed and confident manner.

It is not just about providing these services but also moving with the times and ensuring agency clients do the same. One of our current straplines is that we are more than just an SEO Birmingham company and that is because we have evolved as an organisation to offer social media, online PR, email marketing, paid advertising and website design – the combination of which is the most effective way to improve online visibility.

So if any local agencies out there need rescuing we have the resources, skills and friendly approach to help them provide the complete white label seo to customers.

Posted by Frances Berry