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In order to help our customers understand our services in more detail we have devised a list of the most frequently asked questions we come across and hopefully you will find that we have answered your questions below:

Why do we need offsite SEO? Isn't onsite enough?

It used to be the case that you could simply add meta data to your site and you would rank for those keywords but the internet is a bigger, more competitive place than it was some years ago and onsite information alone simply isn't enough. The search engines want to see quality content on site backed up by relevant meta data and no keyword stuffing. So in order to have an effective SEO campaign you will need to make sure your onsite and offsite strategies combine in the most effective way.

How long with it take me to get to page 1?

If we could give you an honest answer on this then we would but the almighty Google (and the other search engines) don't exactly keep us in the loop. When looking at keywords to optimise as part of your SEO campaign we will usually advise you to focus, at least to begin with, on those keywords that are not hugely competitive. We will also recommend targeted keywords rather than generic ones. It is the more competitive, generic keywords that often take longer to rank for as there are lots of other sites trying to rank for the same keywords. Whilst it is not possible to give you an exact timeframe we can give you a better idea once we know what keywords you want to rank for, whether you have had any optimisation in the past and currently rank for any of these keywords and what level of SEO campaign you wish to begin with.

Is there any correlation between local search and organic listings?

SEO experts are divided on this issue and whilst organic SEO does seem to have some effect on local listings there are also other factors that you need to consider if you want to rank in the local search listings for given local search terms.

How relevant is social media?

More and more importance is being attached to social media and those businesses that embrace social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest do benefit from increased interaction with their customers. Though it may seem time consuming, blogging, tweeting, liking and posting on other social sites will help to increase awareness about your brand and help to maintain your online presence.

Can you work for more than one company that offers the same product/service?

Yes is the short answer to this! We do get asked if we can work for a company offering a particular brand or service if we are already working for someone else who offers the same but there are plenty of keywords to go around and also 10 spots on page 1, plus every business is unique in its own right so each SEO strategy will be different.

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