December 2018
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Link Building – The End of an Era?

The world of SEO is a fast moving one and as a result of the regular Google algorithm updates, SEO practitioners have had to learn to change their strategies in order to keep on the right side of the major search engines. As soon as Google clicks its mighty fingers and says “jump”, we all have to immediately try new methods in order to ensure our customer’s websites rank highly on the SERPs.

Rumblings in the SEO underworld are now telling us that whilst link building is still a major part of an effective SEO campaign, it should not be the main focus. Penguin made a big impact on those sites which had lots of poor quality links from low authority domains and many SEOs have had to work hard to encourage the organic growth of good quality links. However, the time may have come to stop focusing so hard on link building and instead spend a little more time working on all of the other aspects of the SEO campaign.

Andre Weyher used to work in the Google webspam team and in a recent interview he stated that for a site to prepare itself for future Google updates, it should aim to work towards an SEO strategy which works on “smart on-page techniques and internal linking on one side and relationship based link building on the other side….the links should come from a source that has a genuine reason to link to your site”. So although links are important, their quality and relevance still far outweighs the quantity.

The advice from various SEO gurus seems to be simple: create unique and original content for the site, ensure that all of the meta data is correct and each page has the relevant number of keywords, create a blog which is updated on a regular basis and ensure you include the rel author tags and finally, get tweeting! Social marketing is the way forward, so make sure your business has a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a Google+ account.

Ensure your social accounts are all kept up to date with new and interesting information for your readers. Creating great rankings is not just about keeping the Google bots happy, it’s also important to keep your human visitors happy too – after all, these are the people who will be putting their hand in their pocket to buy your products and services!

Claire White