December 2018
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Press release ideas to get you featured in the media (Part 1)

If you’re trying to get the word out there about your business, there are many tactics you can try. From SEO and advertising to networking groups and social media, if you’ve got the energy to do it, there are plenty of ways you can showcase your offering.

One of the key things you could do, is to write a press release and speak to your local media outlets. You might be wondering what you can talk about, but if you delve deep enough, you’re sure to find something.

Over the course of a two-part blog, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten things to write a press release on, hopefully sparking some ideas of where to find news in your business. For today’s instalment, please read below.

You’re the first at something

Are you the first food manufacturer in the country to use robots to clean your factory? Perhaps you’ve released a product that the world has never seen before? Whatever it is, as long as it’s a big enough ‘first’, it’s likely to be newsworthy.

You’ve won something

If you’ve won a national award, it makes sense to shout about it. How many competitors were you up against? What does winning the award mean to your business? And what did you win? These are all things to include in your press release and can attract the attention of news editors, particularly in industry-relevant, trade publications.

Tie in with the news

If there’s a relevant event or national day coming up, think about how your business can relate to it. Could you create an event to coincide with the news agenda? Can you piggyback off a relevant news story, citing yourself as an industry expert? The news agenda can hold a wealth of opportunities, you just need to think and act fast.

If you raise a lot of money

If your company has been raising money for a charity and the total amount is impressive, why not shout about your feat? Be sure to approach the charity concerned for a press release quote, and don’t forget to get a photo with them!

High profile visitors

Will you be hosting a celebrity or high-profile visitor any time soon? If so, don’t forget to shout about it. Alerting the press beforehand means they might make a trip to come too – taking photos and writing it up into a story.


We’ll leave you to digest those, before coming back tomorrow with another five press release topics that could put your business firmly in the spotlight. If you’ve got any questions on the above, you can call us on: 0121 308 0219.