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These days there is more and more correlation between PR and SEO as the more traditional forms of marketing cross over with modern online marketing methods to help businesses create more awareness about their brand through a wide range of marketing mediums.

How do SEO press releases differ from traditional ones?

Whilst the traditional press release is still a useful tool it will hold less weight and power when submitted via traditional channels to newspapers and magazines. A better approach today is to engage in SEO PR where press releases are created with not only the promotion of your business or special event in mind but also with SEO at the forefront of the content creation.

An SEO press release does not differ hugely from a traditional release in the fact that it needs to be informative, interesting and captivating for readers with a unique selling point that makes people want to find out more. However, these releases will also be optimised for SEO using relevant keywords and links to landing pages.

How are press releases submitted online?

SEO press releases will be submitted to online press release distribution syndicates where they will create backlinks to your website in much the same way that other forms of SEO content will, through high authority sites, niche blogs and news wires.  Read our top tips on writing an effective SEO press release.

Issuing a press release can be a beneficial addition to an existing SEO campaign to compliment the other backlinks being built or it can work well as a stand-alone feature to build up more awareness about your brand.

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