December 2018
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Surprise Announcement from Google

Google really has had its head in the game this year. After introducing its mobile algorithm, which saw mobile friendliness being used as a ranking factor, Google now has another surprise in store – it will now rebrand itself as ‘Alphabet.’  However, we can assure you that there is no need to worry; our favourite search engine will continue to function as normal.  However, the corporate structure and management will be altered, with new holding company Alphabet presiding over a whole range of companies, with Google as the biggest subsidiary.

Why Is Google Rebranding?

The introduction of Alphabet has come as a result of Google wanting investors to gain a clearer picture of its core operation, and to better understand how the money is being spent.

Let’s take a time hop back to when Google was first born, and how internet search has dominated the digital world.

The Evolution of Google

Google was created in January 1995, initially as a research project by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who were students at Stanford University, California. Since then, Google has grown massively and is the most widely used and successful search engine to date.  It seems that Google’s plans will continue to help them expand in the digital age, and rebranding as Alphabet surely won’t bring this to a halt – if anything, it will only be an encouragement for Google to better itself even more.

Will The Search Engine Remain The Same?

You will still be able to use Google’s search engine as normal, and it will be available in the same way that it is today.  As internet users, we use Google to search for most things and in 2014 alone, we searched trillions of times. This in itself tells us just how much we rely upon Google to provide us with the information we are looking for.

What Do Our Online Searches Say About Us?

In 2014, we searched for:

  • Hope more than fear
  • Science more than fiction
  • Things we love like music, movies, sports and games
  • We have searched to make sense of things and find out more information
  • We search to remember, inspire and be part of news and events which are happening all over the globe.

All of this is about to get even bigger and better. It is time to welcome and embrace Alphabet.

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