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PR in the modern marketing mix – why it’s important

What is PR, we hear you ask.

PR is short for public relations, a very powerful part of the marketing mix that often gets forgotten about. It focuses on the way that a company builds its public image, sells its products or promotes itself.

PR professionals help to get a business into the media in a positive way, to create a public image or get the public to do something – whether that’s change an opinion or go and buy its products.

Part of the way they do this is through seeking out news stories from a business and liaising with journalists to get them in the press, in a positive light. Unlike adverts, PR content that has been written up by a journalist provides third party endorsement and builds trust with consumers. This means they are more likely to invest in a business or brand’s offering, because someone else has sung its praises.

PR in the marketing mix

PR in the marketing mix

PR differs from other forms of marketing because it is far subtler and does not buy the right to be featured. Unlike a paid-for advertising slot, to have your PR content featured, you need to have newsworthy content that is engaging, earning the right to be featured.

Making sure your marketing plan tallies

As a brand or business, you’ll want to ensure that you’re using all channels of the marketing mix to spread positive and united messages to your clients and potential customers.

If you’ve got the advertising team working on one thing, with the PR team working along a completely different line, your brand messages will get confused and diluted. Sharing information from an early stage is key if you want to guarantee success and ensure a joined-up approach to your marketing.

Share your news

If you have a marketing, digital or PR agency, make sure you communicate with them regularly to let them know what’s going on in your business. If you don’t then they can’t ‘PR’ all the good things you are doing, and won’t be able to amplify your business in the way that you would like. Perhaps you have won a new client? Expanded into new territories? Created a new product?

Shout about it!

Why bother?

If you want to increase sales, you need to give yourself the best chance you can by attracting more potential customers – whether that’s through blogging, social media content or creating a news story on your business. By not using all elements of the marketing mix, you’re doing your business a disservice and can miss potential opportunities.

What to do next

Have a think about your brand or business and all the things you want to shout about, before speaking to an agency that can use the right channels to promote your messages. They can then get cracking on a strategy that makes you more well known, incite change and increase your bottom line.


SEO it Right in the News as we Call For More SEO PR Awareness

If you didn’t already know last Saturday – 27 July – was the first UK National PR Awareness Day.  Celebrated to coincide with the launch of the 2012 Olympics – a prime example of how PR works – this day was created to recognise the importance of public relations in business.  Whilst we totally applaud this concept we wanted to go one step further and talk about the need for businesses to appreciate the importance of online PR as well as offline methods.

SEO PR is a great way to drum up awareness about your business, brand, product or service and it can be used very effectively as a standalone service or when combined with traditional offline marketing methods or as part of a digital marketing strategy that also encompasses SEO and social media.

We celebrated National PR Awareness Day by issuing our own news release to stress the importance of PR and SEO to businesses, stressing that they need to look beyond ranking positions by themselves and start concentrating on the bigger picture to determine where their traffic is coming from and what kind of user experience they are delivering.

To read what we had to say about creating more awareness around SEO PR please click here

Posted by Frances Berry