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It’s All in a Day at our Birmingham SEO Office!

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at your online marketing company?  Well here’s a little taster based on some of the things we do on a typical day from our Birmingham SEO headquarters.

Firstly the day will start with a cup of tea – generally made by Claire because she is the most organised.  Once the caffeine starts to tickle the taste buds we are ready to tackle a busy day ahead – because it is always a busy day if you are doing your online marketing effectively!

Monday mornings are the worst for most people which is why we like to treat our staff to a morning hoe-down as soon as they are awake.  This does not mean that we do American style square dancing around the offices but more that we gather together to talk through the most important tasks for the week ahead to ensure everyone knows what they are doing who has responsibility for getting things done.  Depending on what department you are in – sales, creative or technical – your day is going to be very different in terms of the work you do but will all be working towards the same goal – improving the online visibility of our clients.

Rather than bore you with the details let’s focus on the SEO team and what they get up to on a typical day…so without giving any trade secrets away they are skilled in creating content for clients’ sites, blogs, SEO, social media and SEO PR – in other words there is a lot of writing going on.  It is this strength in online copywriting that we are truly proud of and what makes us such a special team – there is no outsourcing here – we just keep the staff chained to the desk all day and night (only joking…though there’s a thought…).  Research also forms a big part of any day – finding newsworthy topics, identifying content is suitable for syndication, learning more about our customers so that we can be their social voice and generally keeping up with all that is new and upcoming in the big, bad world of SEO and online marketing.  That’s something else we pride ourselves on – our ability and passion for R&D – without it we couldn’t keep up with new ideas, algorithm changes and the latest technology that keep us at the forefront of our industry.

Supporting clients is another vital part of the SEO’s day – helping customers to understand reporting so that they are getting all the information they need to develop their business, answering questions and providing training are just a few examples of how we provide support.  The door is always open (apart from this week when it doesn’t work!) and we’re completely open and approachable in everything we do – I challenge anyone to find another SEO company in Birmingham or the UK for that matter who can provide the same honesty and integrity (ok so we’re probably not the only ones, but there’s nothing wrong in singing about your strengths).

Managing this business is stressful at times but then I wouldn’t have it any other way – working with a team of diverse, creative and enthusiastic staff makes coming to work each day something to look forward to and in an industry that never sleeps you can be assured that the next exciting thing is never far around the corner.

Tomorrow we will be dressing like pirates and eating cupcakes but that is all in another day at SEO it Right!

Posted by Frances Berry

Is SEO dead? Did Social Media murder it?

From as far back as the early 2000’s, ever increasing lists of articles have been plastered all over the internet, making the bold, yet somewhat misguided statement that Search Engine Optimisation is in fact, dead. According to many more recent posts, the untimely fall of Search Engine Optimisation, (often known by its acronym, SEO) was due in significant part to the rise of the young upstart, Social Media. It is certainly true that social media continues to expand at a huge rate, and is becoming ever more important to businesses of all sizes, however, this does not mean that social media marketing has or will destroy SEO.

Each year, people spend increasingly larger amounts of time on the internet as it becomes more and more accessible through mobile web and applications. The continuing rise in popularity of social media can be directly linked to this. Users can access their social media accounts wherever they go due to the availability of mobile web, and it could be argued that this in turn has influenced more businesses to embrace social media marketing, as they can reach their target audience at all times.

It is true that although SEO has not died, it has changed over the years, and will continue to do so. As search engines have changed, SEO has in turn has had to adapt and evolve. Overlord of all that is search, Google, has continued to change its ranking tactics over time to reflect patterns of search. With the colossal rise of social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and its own Google+, Google has changed the ranking weight of backlinks to have more emphasis towards social media.

Some may argue that Google Penguin, the latest change of search ranking strategies has helped to close the curtain firmly behind SEO, however, SEO can’t die. There is no ‘dead’ in the world of technology. There are merely continuous versions and incarnations. Rather than swinging its leg wildly at the bucket, SEO continues to evolve and adapt. Social media platforms do not challenge SEO; they influence it.

Though there will continue to be changes to search and social media, and other new technologies will continue to expand, Search Engine Optimisation will continue to thrive and transform. As long as there is Search, there will always be SEO, and there will always be search. People want to know more and more as fast as possible.

If you would like to learn more about Search Engine Optimisation, then feel free to visit

Rob Edwards

SEO Birmingham company comes to the rescue of local marketing agencies

At SEO it Right we are proud to be helping out other local companies to provide a full online marketing service to their clients.  As an SEO Birmingham company we have always worked alongside other marketing and design agencies in the local area but now with the launch of the new SEO it Right website, we are actively promoting our white label SEO services to reassure local agencies that through collaboration we can achieve better overall results  for their clients.

In the current SEO climate with algorithm changes and ever increasing competition making it more difficult for many businesses, local agencies are crying out for the support of an innovative and forward thinking online marketing company.

Just last week we signed up another big design agency who will be benefiting from our online marketing services to promote their own organisation, and subsequently these services will then be sold on to their own customers as part of the overall marketing strategy they provide.  This is a smart move as marketing nowadays needs to align the offline with the online elements in order to be successful – after all there is nothing more damning to a campaign to be sending out a totally different marketing message to your online and offline audience – granted they differ in terms of the way they need to be targeted and the interaction you may subsequently have with them but keeping your overall message concise is vital to building your brand.

This continuity is also important when you offer marketing services to your clients – even if you outsource SEO or social media to an organisation such as SEO it Right – you need to ensure that everything is delivered with the same degree of knowledge and measurability.

One of the key things that we have found is being able to white label all of our reporting so that our agency clients can simply forward on our analysis to their clients with minimal input.  With support and guidance available from the SEO it Right team at all times, agency customers know that they can get the answers to their questions in order to pass details on to their own customers in an informed and confident manner.

It is not just about providing these services but also moving with the times and ensuring agency clients do the same. One of our current straplines is that we are more than just an SEO Birmingham company and that is because we have evolved as an organisation to offer social media, online PR, email marketing, paid advertising and website design – the combination of which is the most effective way to improve online visibility.

So if any local agencies out there need rescuing we have the resources, skills and friendly approach to help them provide the complete white label seo to customers.

Posted by Frances Berry

The Importance Of Web Design and SEO

The Prospect that you should have SEO on your site even before you develop it appears counter-intuitive, and in many different ways, it is. But, not entirely. I’ve been an SEO for over 4 years, and I still can’t get past the fact that optimisation continues to be the “after thought,” only entering play even after the site has been installed and operating for months or even years.

This mindset must change.
The achievements a website’s web marketing efforts can make or break many businesses. It no longer is practical to employ your SEO company only following a website has been developed. That’s like doing demographic research when you have already chosen your store’s location and invested thousands of money in putting together the shop.
Just like demographic research should be carried out to determine where and how a business sets up their brick and mortar store, SEO is needed before you start to program the first piece of code or design the first graphic for your website. The truth is, development and SEO are so completely intertwined which they both have to be considered together. Failure to do so frequently leads to expensive re-development costs as the SEO company requests changes that may have been done within the initial development stages.

I frequently get calls from businesses exploring Search Engine Optimization but would like to hold back until their site is fully developed and operational before they sign up with any particular SEO company. This tactic seems to make logical sense because business people often desire to make sure the web page looks and performs properly before dropping money into a long lasting commitment to an online marketing firm. But, SEO is just as much part of the business plan as the web development.
The web site marketing plan really should be one of the driving facets of web site development. But, unfortunately, many of the things connected to marketing are usually done wrong during the site development. That’s not saying developers don’t understand what they’re doing, quite contrary. Developers are usually great programmers, designers, and creators. They’re just generally not great optimizers. And there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s simply not what they specialize in.

Rolling out a web site that operates well below a it’s full performance capabilities isn’t only a waste of time, it’s a waste of money, even if you’re not quite ready to place the thing into high gear. It doesn’t make smart financial sense to develop an internet site that has got to be re-developed again when you get your SEO company involved. Nor can it make good sense to tie your SEO’s hands since you don’t wish to put money into site development again. Ultimately, this puts you in a lose/lose situation.

Posted by Frances Berry