June 2018
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The Importance of SEO Content

Content marketing has always been an important part of SEO, but in the recent past it seems good quality content was overlooked by those SEO companies who saw the pound signs in front of their eyes when considering the potential of cheap link building. It all sounded good – the SEO company buys links in bulk for their clients, in turn these increase the number of backlinks pointing at the client’s site and so the rankings improve – well it all sounded good until Panda and Penguin came along and completely obliterated the presence and power of spammy links and link building farms.

SEO content has resumed it’s position at the regal throne – that is to say that quality content is back (not that it was ever gone to those of us who have built our SEO strategies around the creation of quality copy) but why is it that this content is now so important?

  • It is easier to find out how many links a piece of content has generated for your site
  • Content is natural – if you write about something you know and you write it from scratch it should be unique and interesting and most importantly natural
  • Social media loves content and social media is the future (so they say) – look at Google+ authorship and rich snippets if you don’t believe me

Content is also important on site too – after all there is no point creating quality content to point back to a site that has been thrown together without any consideration at all.

Posted by Frances Berry