December 2018
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SEO it Right Sponsor Boldmere St Michael’s Under 9s Football Team

At SEO it Right we like to support the local community, and we’re proud to announce that we have sponsored a junior football team for the third year running. This year we’re sponsoring the Boldmere St Michael’s Under 9s team, a brand new team which was only recently developed.

Boldmere St Michael’s Football Club has an excellent reputation for developing some star footballers, and this year they have decided to introduce a junior team which will allow budding footballers from the local area to develop and hone their skills and to be exposed to some fantastic opportunities. Back in July they acted as mascots for the senior Mikes team as they took on the Aston Villa development squad. Although the Mikes sadly lost, the boys thoroughly enjoyed being led out onto the pitch by their peers.

The team’s managers and coaches include Ralph Simmons, Neil Yates and Paul White, who have worked tirelessly to put the team together and have spent hours with the boys coaching and training them in preparation for their Sunday morning matches. So far the season is going well for the boys, and they have won all four of their matches.

Boldmere St Michaels U9s

We think the SEO it Right logo looks great on the home team tops, and if you see the boys playing on a football pitch near you, be sure to give them a wave.

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SEO it Right – Football Team Sponsors!

Here at SEO it Right we are pleased to announce that we are the proud sponsor of the Boldmere Falcons under-7s football team. The bold black and white striped kit will be worn by the team of 10 enthusiastic football players at their away games, so the SEO it Right name will be seen on various football pitches in and around the Birmingham area every Sunday morning.

The under 7s team was set up in August 2012, but in that short time the lads have trained hard and have performed well in each of their matches. So far this season they have managed to win 4 of their games and lose just 2, an impressive record particularly as they are a relatively new team and they are all aged 6 or 7!

The boys train once a week with their manager, Callum Flanagan, who is just 17 years old but has high hopes for gaining a degree in Sports Management and one day becoming a Premiership Football manager himself. What a great way to start his career with this team of cheeky chappies!

On a personal note, my son Daniel is a member of the team (see the lad with the cheesy grin on the first row first left) and I would like to thank Adam and Fran for their contribution to the team. Without the generosity of these great local businesses, then junior sports teams would struggle to raise the funding for such professional looking kits and equipment.

The Boldmere Falcons Under 7s Football Team, proudly sponsored by SEO it Right

Three cheers for SEO it Right and Boldmere Falcons!

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Claire White