December 2018
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Majestic Million

Is your SEO company in the top one million sites in the world? Majestic seo have produced a new tool and this is what they say:

Today we are proud to announce the Majestic Million. This is a new way to rank websites based on how other sites see them.

Majestic Million is useful as:

* An easy way to quickly assess the relative importance of a website
* An international metric, as we crawl from all over the world
* A sign of trust
* A way to see changing patterns over time.

See the position of SEO it Right below!! Not bad out of nearly 300 million websites worldwide!!

View ranking information about in the Majestic Million.

Posted by Frances Berry

The Importance Of Web Design and SEO

The Prospect that you should have SEO on your site even before you develop it appears counter-intuitive, and in many different ways, it is. But, not entirely. I’ve been an SEO for over 4 years, and I still can’t get past the fact that optimisation continues to be the “after thought,” only entering play even after the site has been installed and operating for months or even years.

This mindset must change.
The achievements a website’s web marketing efforts can make or break many businesses. It no longer is practical to employ your SEO company only following a website has been developed. That’s like doing demographic research when you have already chosen your store’s location and invested thousands of money in putting together the shop.
Just like demographic research should be carried out to determine where and how a business sets up their brick and mortar store, SEO is needed before you start to program the first piece of code or design the first graphic for your website. The truth is, development and SEO are so completely intertwined which they both have to be considered together. Failure to do so frequently leads to expensive re-development costs as the SEO company requests changes that may have been done within the initial development stages.

I frequently get calls from businesses exploring Search Engine Optimization but would like to hold back until their site is fully developed and operational before they sign up with any particular SEO company. This tactic seems to make logical sense because business people often desire to make sure the web page looks and performs properly before dropping money into a long lasting commitment to an online marketing firm. But, SEO is just as much part of the business plan as the web development.
The web site marketing plan really should be one of the driving facets of web site development. But, unfortunately, many of the things connected to marketing are usually done wrong during the site development. That’s not saying developers don’t understand what they’re doing, quite contrary. Developers are usually great programmers, designers, and creators. They’re just generally not great optimizers. And there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s simply not what they specialize in.

Rolling out a web site that operates well below a it’s full performance capabilities isn’t only a waste of time, it’s a waste of money, even if you’re not quite ready to place the thing into high gear. It doesn’t make smart financial sense to develop an internet site that has got to be re-developed again when you get your SEO company involved. Nor can it make good sense to tie your SEO’s hands since you don’t wish to put money into site development again. Ultimately, this puts you in a lose/lose situation.

Posted by Frances Berry